Thursday, 28 August 2014


So recently (April) I ended up going back to Edmonton to visit a friend, Tabitha. It was amazing! I love to travel and I do want to see the world! I am starting in my own country because lets be honest, I should know where I come from before I go anywhere else. So here are a few of my favourites from my trip! 

 This is me petting a white spotted bamboo shark at the WEM Aquarium! It was super cool!
 This is me petting a sting ray at the WEM Aquarium! I wouldn't pet the star fish but I would pet a shark and the mighty animal that took out the great Steve Irwin.. But the star fish freaked me out.. LOL!
 This is an Inukshuk at Bow Falls in Banff, AB. It is one of my favourite pics and I love it so much!!
 Bow Falls.. It is pretty much frozen so you can't see the actual falls but it was so great!
 Mountains in the background at the Bow River.
Trees at the Bow River Trail. They are thousands of years old but because of the lack of moisture and oxygen they are stunted in growth.
 This is the view from the bottom of Sulphur Mountain. Took the Gondola up the mountain.
 This is a view of one of the neighbouring mountains from the gondola at Sulphur Mountain.
 This is a hotel and part of the city of Banff from the gondola at Sulphur Mountain.
 Top of the gondola, have about another 1km hike to the actual top of the mountain! There was a hut there that has been there since 1952 and the man who lived there (can not recall his name) was supposed to measure the weather for 1953 but ended up staying until his death and recorded decades worth of weather and because of him we now know and can properly predict the mountain weather.
 This is a panorama of a lake just outside of the Town of Banff. The building to the right is an Indian Trade Post, it was really cool. Full of dead animals, pelts, dream catchers, and other Native American peraphernalia. 
 The Town of Banff. It was super cool how it was right in the middle of the mountains. Everywhere you turned there were mountains.
 There were a bunch of elk outside the Town of Jasper. We called them the welcoming committee. Since Jasper is in a valley and not in the mountains like Banff there was more wildlife and we saw a caribou and moose as well! 
 Me hugging Jasper the Bear. It was an art created in 2008 (?) to represent the Town of Jasper.
 I thought this was cute called the South Rock Cafe. I ended up really liking how the picture turned out with the mountains behind it.
 If you can see this map is shwos Edmonton in the NE (which is where we started) drove through to Calgary and then over to Banff, we then drove back through Calgary and back to Edmonton and the next day drove across to Jasper. Long couple days of driving!
 Really liked this picture from Jasper!
 Coming back from Jasper we got to stop so I could see how blue the water really was. It was so neat!!
 This is how blue the water was, the ice is coloured in Jasper National Park!
View from the car, mountains in Jasper National Park.

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